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Mantras for Parents

These are some short phrases you can say to yourself to help you when you are struggling with common parenting issues. If they are helpful, repeat them over and over as much as needed.   1. I have to raise the kid I have, not the kid I was. This is a new day and […]


Top Ten Things About PSB Treatment

If you are considering getting treatment for a child with Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB), these are some of the things I think all caregivers  should know. 1. You are not alone, you are not the cause. Realizing that your child has a sexual behavior problem can be one of the most  difficult things a parent […]


Reasons for Denial

Possible Reason Why a Protective Caregiver Might Deny Signs of Sexual Abuse Sheryl Overby, MS  LIMHP There are many many reasons why someone would question whether or not a person that they know, love and trust would sexually abuse a child.  Sexual abuse is one of the most hated social problems in our society, and […]

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My Favorite Resources 2024

Sheryl Overby’s Personally Recommended Resources (updated 2024)   I keep a running lost of resources that are I use personally and recommend often to other professionals or consumers/clients.  If you know of an especially great resource, please let me know via email.  We need all the help we can get and sharing resources is something […]

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Sexual Boundaries in the Foster or Adoptive Home

Encouraging Healthy Sexual Boundaries In the Foster Home SHERYL OVERBY  MS  NCC  LIMHP  www.sheryloverby.com Woodhaven Counseling Associates  402-592-0328   All humans have to learn boundaries, either by modeling or teaching in early childhood; it simply is not something hardwired into the brain.  It would be nice if all the youth who come to your home had […]

Be Prepared, Not Paranoid

THERE IS NO PROOF THAT IF A CHILD IS SEXUALLY ABUSED,  THEY WILL GROW UP TO BECOME A SEXUAL OFFENDER Either as child, teen or adult.   Some children do react to their sexual abuse by doing sexual things to other children. This is called sexually reactive. These kids can be helped by counseling and […]


New Rules After Sexual Abuse

  A child who has been sexually abused will benefit from clear guidelines that set the rules for their behavior. These kinds of rules provide the structure, comfort and security all children need to grow into healthy adults. Sexual Respect Suggestive or obscene language is not allowed from anyone. It is sometimes a trigger for […]

How to Reach Me

I basically have three avenues for employment; doing clinical work at Woodhaven Counseling Associates,  providing Training and Education for Lutheran Family Services’ RSafe Program, and doing other types of training and workshops in the community.  It’s a little tricky to know where I am located on any given day, but here are the various ways […]