How to Reach Me

I basically have three avenues for employment; doing clinical work at Woodhaven Counseling Associates,  providing Training and Education for Lutheran Family Services’ RSafe Program, and doing other types of training and workshops in the community.  It’s a little tricky to know where I am located on any given day, but here are the various ways you can get in contact with me… updated 11/7/2019

Woodhaven Counseling Associates

(Tuesday, Thursday & sometimes Saturdays)

The front office staff handles all questions about insurance, my schedule, and availability for new clients.  If   you  want me  to  provide  training  or  consultation  independently  (not  associated  with  LFS)  then  please  email  me  at Woodhaven.  If  the  matter  is  an  emergency,  please  have  the  front  desk  or  the  answering  service  try  to  contact  me.


12001 Q Street   Omaha, NE  68137

ph:  402-592-0328   fax:  402-592-4170

Lutheran Family Services/RSAFE Program

(Totally varies and I check my email about 3 times per week)

Michelle Book runs the training program at LFS and she can let you know what trainings are coming up that I might be associated with.


11807 Q Street   Omaha, NE  68137