Sexual Development AFTER Sexual Abuse or PSB

After a child has been sexually abused, they can never regain their innocence.  This is one of the main reasons caregivers grieve for their children.  This graph is meant to help others understand the difference between ideal development of a child and the detour that children are forced to take when they are abused. Hopefully, caregivers will have a better understanding of how they can help the child compensate.  Please be aware that this graph is not based on clinical studies or research, but the combined clinical experience of Sheryl Overby and Vickie Peyton equaling 65+ years.  The example illustrated in the chart below is of a child who was sexually abused at approximately 8 years old.  We believe that a child will have a better chance of returning close to an “ideal development” of their sexual experiences if they receive treatment after their sexual abuse.


The ages and stages of sexual development are based on information from American Academy of Pediatrics 2009.