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Families who are impacted by sexual abuse experience the toughest crisis in their lives, and most families have no idea of how to solve this problem on their own. Sometimes their initial response is to get educated, sometimes it’s just to get through the day. But eventually, they will need help to figure it all out: the complicated family dynamics, the confusing feelings of both shame and loyalty, and knowing how to manage the child welfare system are all complex issues.  You don’t know what you don’t know. I have been a therapist helping families since 1988 and have always felt that education was the foundation for change.  Learning is the first step to healing.  Sometimes, just knowing what you need to know is enough to help prevent and/or respond appropriately to sexual abuse. So maybe now, you will know!

You Don‘t Know, What You Don’t Know.

About me

Since 1988, I have helped families impacted by sexual abuse, children who have been abused, youth with problematic sexual behaviors and adults who were sexually abused in childhood.

My Services

Specialized Treatment

Problematic Sexual Behavior in youth. Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Level 1 EMDR. Nebraska Probation Provider.

Individual & Family Therapy

Depression, anxiety, school problems, adoption and attachment, relationships, sexual trauma and PTSD.


Professional, innovative, articulate, well informed, easy to understand and encouraging multi-media presentations.


Nationally developed Darkness To Light (two hours) video training to prevent sexual abuse.  Contact me by email to check availability, soverby@woodhavencounseling.com


Articles and personally recommended books, tips, ideas, websites and interventions.


1:1 sessions to assist other providers with complicated sexual abuse cases.

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