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    I have written a wide range of articles dealing with the subjects below.


Articles about how to prevent sexual abuse from occuring in the first place or prevent problems with sexuality in future relationships.


Articles about my specialized treatments plus websites, books and tips that I use in my work and personally recommend to others.

Positive Parenting

Ideas to help caregivers mange the crucial task of raising children and teenagers in our modern American society.

Protective Caregivers

The adults who are responsible for protecting children and youth from unhealthy sexuality need support and up to date information.

Sexualized Behaviors

It’s really important not to over react or under react when youth have sexualized behaviors. Get advice on how to prevent future problems.

Sexually Abused Child

Articles and information for anyone who was sexually abused in childhood.  The foundation for healing is explained in The Coin/Token.


Information intended for use by folks working in the fields of social work, education, counseling and juvenile justice.  All content is copyrighted to Sheryl Overby and is free to use with clients as long as credit of it’s origin and authorship of Sheryl Overby is maintained.