When things are so frustrating, you barely know what to do, this card may help.  Please put something in each square of the card, then you will have pre-planned ways to help yourself; ways to give yourself some comfort when life really gets rough.

The six parts of the card are………….

  1.  Thing:  This can be anything that you can hold, a photo, a fuzzy blanket, a piece of jewelry from your grandmother. If you are a teen, this item is likely a phone, or a similar electronic device which takes on the purpose of a security blanket. This “thing” may also be a pet, but for some folks, a pet falls in the category of “person”.
  2. Place:  Think of someplace where you can go where you feel some peace or comfort, just by being in that place. It must be a place that you can get to within one hour of travel, so being in Nebraska, this is not the mountains or the ocean. If you are a  child, it needs to be a place you will always have permission to go to, like your room or the fort in your backyard.
  3. Person:  The ideal person is someone that makes you feel loved and special even if you do not talk about what is bothering you. If this person has died, then scents and odors are very powerful in re-creating the same feelings and memories you shared with this person.  Like I said in number one, this “person” could also be beloved pet
  4. Food/Drink: It is pretty easy to think of comfort food or drink.  Most people have a favorite when they are stressed, feeling ill or when it is  a special occasion.  Alcohol and large quantities of food may or may not be a good choice for you.  In fact, all of the items on this card are meant to be used in moderation.  The idea is to use many different kinds of things to help distract yourself when stressed or upset.
  5. Image/Memory:  This is something you can picture in your mind that will help you remember a positive event or feeling. It may be an actual memory of a vacation or visiting a calm place.  You can also invent something on your own, like a deserted tropical island with unlimited chocolate and a personal maid.
  6. Activity:  For this category there are two kinds of activities that can bring you comfort.  The first one is an energy releasing activity.  This would be something like cleaning, dancing, running or jumping on the trampoline.  Something that will help you get all of the stress out of your body, something that gets your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes.  The second one is a soothing activity.  Something that will help you relax and lower your heart rate.  This could be a bath, meditation, reading, listening to music or an old fashioned nap.  Please include both ideas in this box, ‘cuz sometimes you need one or both of these types of activities.

To print out your own comfort card, please use this pdf:       COMFORT THY SELF