Decision Cards



Here is a resource that therapists can  use to help kids manage their urges so they do not make UNWISE choices.  I have specifically chosen NOT to use the words “unhealthy”, “poor”, “wrong” or “negative” to describe the option of making a choice that is regrettable.   I have chosen the word UNWISE because the thinking part of  the brain is not as involved in the choice as the emotional part  of the brain or other parts of the limbic system.  As adults we make UNWISE choices everyday and we can not expect kids to be better at this skill that we are.   But kids are learning how to manage their thought processes and these cards can remind them from outside their own brain, the things to think about when learning to control an urge.  These cards can be used with struggles with stealing, looking at pornography, non-suicidal self harm, masturbation or over eating; basically anything in which the person feels compelled to make an UNWISE choice.  The attachment shows an example of the ideas I have used with my clients.  You are free to use whatever cards you would like.


Use this photo to help you understand how they can be assembled.

You might want to recopy the items onto smaller cards and put them onto a metal ring so the youth can carry them around.

Even better, have caregivers use these cards so they can improve decision making and controlling urges.