Reparation/Restitution/Clarification Process

The idea of restorative justice and restitution has long been a part of probation protocols or requirements for youth who have illegal sexual behavior.  Almost all programs ask a youth to write clarification/apology letters to caregivers or the child they abused.  When working with young people who have sexually harmed, this process can be even more therapeutic.  Especially in the case of sibling sexual abuse; the children involved in the sexual abuse will likely be living together again.


Although clients and families may benefit from reading these articles, the ideas in these articles are intended ONLY for therapists, preferably therapists well-trained to treat children and teens with Problematic Sexual Behavior.

I have written six articles to assist therapists with the process of clarification, which I have renamed Therapeutic Reparation. These are the steps I take when helping youth with PSB achieve healing for the child they abused, their families and themselves.  I have included details in the links below about each part of the process, which can be applied in most cases. If you are a mental health provider and would like more information, please contact me for consultation, or check other articles on this website.

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Part 1 understanding reparation

Part 2 helping a youth take accountability

Part 3 accountability family session

Part 4 caregiver letter of support

Part 5 Apology Letters

Part 6 the reparation project