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Sex Ed Book List for Children & Teens 2024

Welcome to the new age of Sex Education.  In 2024, it is not a decision about IF your child will learn about sexuality and adult sexual acts, its a matter of WHEN and HOW.   Statistically, most children will learn SOMETHING about sexuality before 3rd grade, that is 8 or 9 years old.  This may include phrases they hear, websites they visit or  images they see.  If you didn’t know, it’s very likely the images are of adults engaging in non-consensual or violent sexual acts. I know, scary, but true!

My preference and recommendation is that children learn positive and accurate messages about human sexuality from their parents.  My preference is that all of their curiosities are satisfied, that they know what private parts look like, they know what the medical terms and slang words mean, they know what happens under the covers, and they know how to decide when it’s OK to have sexual experiences. My preference is that every single child has access to a Sexual Education Book , a book with hand drawn pictures, a book about relationships, a book they can go to about things that are too embarrassing to say out loud.

Please Trust me, NOTHING BAD can happen by having a book, but LOTS OF BAD things can happen if a child  doesn’t have access to human sexuality information.   At the very least, please get a book for yourself, my all time favorite is Dr. Laura Berman’s book, Talking To Your Kids About Sex.

More of my Favorite book selections are found here: sex ed books 2024